Jason Greenhalgh, MD, is a urologist at Magic Valley Urology, who has been working with PathNet for over 3 years. Dr. Greenhalgh shares with us his experience in sending prostate biopsies to PathNet.

What do you like about PathNet?

The key for me as a practicing urologist is getting accurate results in a timely fashion. PathNet gives us high-quality pathology, equal to that of the most trusted centers of excellence. The care of a patient in a more rural setting compared to that in a “big” city setting shouldn’t be any different.

What value does PathNet provide you as a urologist?

What PathNet has done for me is give high-quality pathology results to patients which impacts the overall care and outcomes for those patients. For example, when we do prostate biopsies, how PathNet reads those biopsies actually helps me surgically. When I perform prostate surgery removal for cancer, I can use that pathology to help make decisions intraoperatively to give them the best cancer outcome they can have.

How would you describe PathNet’s pathology report?

It’s a very easy-to-read report for both the provider and the patients. It has all the information needed to make sound, clinical decisions. The diagrams and tables on the reports are helpful in describing the exact location and severity of disease processes.

Prostate Biopsy Report
Patient Facing Page

How has interaction with your pathologist changed since working with PathNet?

In the past, I had little interaction with pathologists. Now, with PathNet, if I have a question about a patient’s pathology, I have a cell phone number I can call and I talk to my pathologist. They are ready to help. I have a “team” of specialists ready to assist me at any time.

How has working with PathNet improved your patient care?

Before working with PathNet, I would sometimes have questions regarding the reliability of the results of more specialized testing such as cytology. Inaccurate cytology results could lead to unnecessary testing and procedures. I trust the results I receive from PathNet which minimizes unnecessary cost, inconvenience, and risks to patients.

Why would you recommend PathNet to other urologists?

I would recommend PathNet to other urologists because they provide accurate, timely pathology results to assist in taking the greatest care of patients.

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