Moving Pathology Forward

Moving Pathology Forward

Turnkey digital and business solutions

Digital Pathology
Business Support
Digital Dermatologist Read out a case on an iPad

Independent practice with improved workflows and lifestyle

  • Plug-and-play access to digital pathology software
  • Automated measurements and report generation
  • AI integration for quality assurance
  • Improved cancer detection rates*
Digital Dermatologist Read out a case on an iPad

Concierge-level service, with faster turnarounds

  • Faster turnaround times
  • Preconditional ancillary test orders
  • Superior tissue handling procedures
  • Slide scanning for digital signout
Business Support

Accounting, licensing, and marketing support

  • Billing and financial assistance
  • Physician and business licensing
  • Marketing materials
  • Patient education resources

Empowering diagnostic professionals to better inform physician decisions.


Client Cancer Detection Rate*

Lab-to-Report Turnaround (hours)

Clinics Powered by PathNet


Client Stories

Working with PathNet has enabled me to become more productive than ever before.

Hillel Kahane, M.D.


I wouldn’t trade the PathNet lab for any other in the country.  In everything from turnaround times to tissue quality, they are the industry leaders.

Adam Cole, M.D.

The convenience of getting a colleague to consult on a case digitally makes it feel like we are across the hall instead of across the country.

Jared Szymanski, D.O.

PathNet allows flexibility in sign-out for today’s busy lifestyle.  The lab is excellent, resulting in high-quality images and the ease to share cases with your colleagues is unmatched.

Michelle Cox, M.D.


*Cancer Detection Rates

Pathology groups that are powered by PathNet have displayed higher diagnostic accuracy at a rate 20-40% higher than the national average in certain specialties. Our superior quality stems from our use of the latest preanalytic tools to improve tissue quality before specimens even arrive at the lab.  Having more tissue to analyze gives us a better picture of what is happening to our patients, and enables us to provide improved intel to their direct care providors.

Digital Pathology Sign Out

Source for average cancer detection rates:

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