Power your practice with

Digital Pathology

Traditional pathologist looking through a microscope. PathNet pathologist signing out a prostate case digitally.

Why go digital?

Quality Care

  • Maintain tissue orientation
  • Patient-centric reports
  • Consult with pathologists all over the world
Digital Pathology Sign Out

Increased Efficiency

  • More tissue on fewer slides
  • Eliminate wasted time shipping slides
  • Automated measurements
Improved Lifestyle

Improved Lifestyle

  • Freedom to practice outside the hospital
  • Increase work-life balance
  • Sign out cases in comfort on a tablet

What does digital sign-out look like?

Plug and Play Software

Digital pathology sign out.
  • Sign out a full case using only a single monitor
  • iPad compatible sign-out
  • Automated report generation from annotations
  • AI integrations for improved QA

“Practicing digitally gives me back time and flexibility to do more; both in my practice, as well as the freedom to do more of what I want to do outside of work.”

Jared Szymanski, D.O.


Enabled by Pre-analytic Tools

PathNet provides novel tissue collection devices to each of their affiliate pathology practices to help differentiate their practice by simplifying the clinician workflow and improving tissue yield.  The Lumea BxBoard® (pictured) is one of the tools that help improve our client’s cancer detection rates*.

*The BxBoard® is specifically used for prostate biopsies.  PathNet does not provide novel tissue devices for all specialities, although, new devices are expected to be introduced soon.

Right BxBoard
Dr. Jared Szymanski in Southern Utah, standing in front of a red rock landscape.


Beyond improving patient care, digital pathology has the potential to improve the lives of the physician’s leveraging the technology.  PathNet seeks to untether pathologists from their desks and microscopes, and enable them to practice where they want to be.

No more hunching over a microscpe in the basement of a hospital.  Digital pathology brings comfort and convenience without compromising on quaity, efficiency, and patient safety.

I’m not tied to the office or a microscope, I view and sign out cases when it’s convenient and the flexibility to sign out anywhere means I can take vacation even without dedicated time off.

Jared Szymanski, D.O.