Frequently Asked Questions

What is PathNet?

PathNet is a shared laboratory and business aid for independent pathology practices.  Each PathNet practice leverages the advantages of the LUMEA platform to practice digitally.  This cost-saving model, combined with the efficiencies that come from digital practice, enable our pathologist partners to better serve clinicians and their patients.

What is digital pathology?

Digital pathology is more than simply looking at digital scans of glass slides. It is the culmination of fully integrating and seamlessly bridging the tissue journey from point of care to diagnosis. This is enabled by standardizing tissue handling methods and improving the interoperability of health record systems between physical locations. Digital pathology automates previously mundane and repetitive tasks, thus improving efficiency without compromising on quality. Pathology can only be truly digital when the system works for physicians and not the other way around. 

What specialties does PathNet provide services for?

Urology, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Family Practice

What is LUMEA?

LUMEA is a comprehensive, end-to-end digital diagnostic solution that brings efficiencies and cost savings to each step of the tissue journey.  Each PathNet pathology practice and the clinics that they serve are given access to this platform.  LUMEA’s software integrates seamlessly with the EMR/LIS system that you already have in place.  To learn more about LUMEA, please visit:

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Does PathNet hire pathologists?

Our affiliate pathology practice, TruCore, may hire pathologists.  We also invite other independent pathology practices to join our PathNet family and benefit from the cost savings that come from sharing a laboratory and business aid resource.