Laboratory Economics features PathNet and its pathology groups in their May 2021 edition detailing what the pathologist workflow looks like when using digital pathology and AI quality assurance.

PathNet provides laboratory services and digital slide scanning to its pathology groups and uploads them onto a digital platform for sign-out. Specimens are shipped to one of PathNet’s laboratories and slides are made available to their respective pathologist within 24 hours of lab delivery.

Dr. Kahane and other pathologists are also employing the use of AI algorithms in their sign-out. “This tool is very helpful for quality assurance in that it enables the pathologist to re-look at areas that they did not annotate originally, but that the AI algorithm did, and determine if there are additional areas of interest that require their attention,” says Kahane.

A typical workflow when signing out a case using AI looks as follows:

  1. Open the case on an iPad (or another device)
  2. Navigate the slides, zooming in and out, looking for signs of cancer
  3. Annotate cancer cells or other areas of concern with a stylus (or mouse)
  4. When the review is completed, turn on your preferred AI algorithm
  5. Review any areas highlighted by the algorithm and determine if any areas need a second look
  6. Generate your report
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